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DISCLAIMER: This review contains massive spoilers for Serenity, as it’s impossible to talk about why it’s so bad without getting into the details. You’ve been warned, but you probably don’t care to see it anyway, as it bombed terribly. Anyway, here we go. Ahhhhh, the glory of […]

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Now that everybody is clear on what it’s all about (and if you don’t know and get mad about this, it’s really your fault), I can finally talk more about M. Night Shyamalan’s Split. I wasn’t a big fan of it, and a big reason why was during […]

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With Escape Room kicking off the 2019 film year, I was surprised that the first film of January ended up being not so terrible. I commented it could possibly be an omen for a good year to come, but who was I kidding? Of course it wouldn’t last! Not only a […]

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Happy New Year, everybody! Well, at least it is a happy new year for a few days until that first Friday… that first Friday when a movie studio dumps whatever film they’re too embarrassed to release at any other time of the year. Oh, yes, it’s the Dump Month of January, […]

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