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Superhero and comic book films sure are such a big drag nowadays aren’t they? Sure, you get the occasional outlier like The Dark Knight or Logan that breaks the mold, but for the most part, they all feel the same. This is exactly how people felt back in 2004 during the start of the […]

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I’m gonna have to come clean here: I honestly don’t really care for Wes Anderson. I admire his creativity, his unique visual style, and deadpan humor, but often times with him, it’s just too much. It’s too dry, too deadpan, and too visually obnoxious. I love weird and bizarre […]

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Oh, Walt Disney Studios. You’re just the machine that keeps on giving… and growing. Going strong for nearly a century now, you’ve shaped the childhoods of multiple generations over countless features, shorts, shows, books, video games, board games, toys, blankets, and every other bit of merchandising imaginable. […]

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Stop-motion animation has always been my favorite kind of animation. Not only is it unparalleled in the field when it comes to sheer labor and hard work, but I also think it’s the most beautiful. Everything is so meticulously crafted to bring these stunning characters and worlds […]

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Comedy films are a special breed. While the main criteria for them is to be funny, I believe they should also strive to be actually good narratives. Comedies are still films and deserve to be taken just as seriously as any drama, thriller, or what have you. […]

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