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Comedy comes in many different forms, many that I find very amusing. I have a very bizarre sense of humor. I really like absurdity, surrealism, dryness, satire, and a whole bunch of categories of different comedy. It’s why I can never really pinpoint what I really find […]

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Ah, romantic comedies. No other genre fills people with so much naïve hope and then with eventual heartbreak and realization. They often feel very phony, with two stars with hardly any chemistry both serving up a predictable and safe plot, with hardly an realism or consequence. Sure, […]

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Car chases are awesome. There’s simply no doubt about that. I don’t know what it is, but watching somebody so skilled behind the wheel perform incredible (and often dangerous) stunts is so exhilarating. They’re a staple of action cinema. Edgar Wright is also awesome. He’s a smart […]

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Remember the 21 Jump Street film and how it had absolutely no right to be as good as it was? I do, because it’s probably my favorite comedy of the decade. What started off as an embarrassing cash grab attempt turned out to be a clever, biting satire on […]

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Satanic horror films are certainly never in short supply. There are always going to be folks that don’t care for a masked killer, but bring a demon into the mix? Well, then it’s the most horrifying thing ever. It’s the horror people have been cowering in fear from […]

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Making a film about an iconic historical figure is like walking on thin ice. That ice is even thinner, and the water even deeper, when that certain figure is looked at with a degree of controversy. Obviously, it depends on the filmmaker and their intention, but in […]

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I remember being a wee lad when a huge new horror film, called The Blair Witch Project, came out. Being a huge fan of horror films, but never seeing them in theaters at the time, I heard endlessly about “the scariest movie ever made”, how people thought […]

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