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The musical biopic just may be the most trope filled genre in all of film. Going back as far as the 1970’s, they haven’t really changed much and they all basically follow the same formula. How the subject grew up as a child, their discovery of music, […]

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There are few things that can ruin an artist quite like ego. After any success, it’s logical to be excited about your abilities getting validated and moving onto the next best thing. Ego is like a poisonous well, though. Every time an artist goes back to drink […]

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What are movies for, exactly? Well, like any other artform, they’re meant to tell stories. Most of those stories are fictional, but many also find themselves inspired by true events. The thing is, truth is often stranger than fiction. Reading the Wikipedia article or listening to an […]

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Queen is one of my favorite bands that I don’t really know all that much about. I’ve never listened to a full album, nor really did a lot of research on them. I just listen to a lot of classic rock radio and whenever they come on, […]

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