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While story is often a key element to a great film, it’s not always required for a memorable and entertaining experience. “Style over substance” is a term used a lot, but filmmaking is art just like anything else. Stylish filmmaking with not a lot of substance, but […]

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I’m sure I deserve a hundred lashes or something awful for what I’m about to admit. Up until last week, I had never seen any of the Rocky films. Yes, for the longest time, I had never seen one of the most popular American movie series ever. While I […]

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I love great drama films as much I love great films from any other genre. Like any other genre, though, it isn’t without its pitfalls. I love drama, but I hate melodrama. Many people watch movies to transport themselves into another world, drama usually being the closest […]

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Cloverfield was a perfectly fine, entertaining found footage monster movie. That’s all it ever was, and all it ever should have been. We never needed a sequel, and we certainly didn’t need it to start a connected universe with other films… yet here we are. In 2016, eight […]

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We certainly don’t get enough kaiju films. Everybody needs their form of escapism, and those are mine. Enough with the comic book films! Bring on the monsters! I get why they don’t work for everyone, though. They usually lack strong stories, or notable characters; the monsters themselves […]

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