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Spider-Man, Spider-Man, he gets rebooted like no one else can. Remember how much of a big deal the first Spider-Man film was back in 2002? After the superhero film genre pretty much petered out after failures like Batman & Robin, Sam Raimi came around and showed us that superheroes could be taken seriously […]

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Regardless of what most people thought about Man of Steel, it’s one of my favorite superhero films. One of the reasons why is that it set out to tell an interesting story surrounding Superman and his journey for acceptance and understanding, making him a compelling character for […]

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I’m gonna admit it. I only think Guardians of the Galaxy is pretty good. It’s a very fun film with a colorful cast of characters, a but a lot of people try to talk about it like it’s something much more. Many like to cite it as the […]

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Comic book films are just fine. I’m not a huge fan of them, but I don’t have a problem with them, either. There’s a lot of really good ones, as well as plenty of terrible ones. My main issue is that they’re mostly all the same. They often […]

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Another six months, another Marvel movie. With five TV series, five short films, and now on their fourteenth feature, it’s been nearly impossible to escape from the phenomenon. With such a huge variety of talent that’s been utilized over the years, their projects have largely ranged in […]

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