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I’m not a big fan of clearly manufactured drama of true events. When the famous plane landing in the Hudson River happened, all I remember was that Captain Chesley “Sully” Sullenberger successfully landed the plane, was lauded as a hero, and that was pretty much it. There […]

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I love horror films so, so much. I don’t know what it is. Maybe it was watching Scream at the young age of six, or John Carpenter’s Halloween when I was ten, that warped my fragile little mind. There’s just something about the fact that a simple […]

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You really have to be careful when a film promotes itself to be “based on a true story/events/moments/experiences/accounts/anecdotes/etc.” While yes, there may have once been a priest who performed an “exorcism”, I highly doubt it got to the ridiculous heights of people spewing projectile blood from their […]

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Films that try to deal with actual real world issues are tough to handle, as your message is in danger of coming off as too blatant. Subtlety is key, especially when your themes deal with something like the aftermath of the 2008 financial crisis. Yet, if the […]

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It’s always nice when a child actor is able to avoid falling into hard times and hard drugs and actually make a name for themselves as an adult. It’s even better when you think that actor is going to be known for his most famous role for […]

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Stop-motion animation has always been my favorite kind of animation. Not only is it unparalleled in the field when it comes to sheer labor and hard work, but I also think it’s the most beautiful. Everything is so meticulously crafted to bring these stunning characters and worlds […]

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Comedy films are a special breed. While the main criteria for them is to be funny, I believe they should also strive to be actually good narratives. Comedies are still films and deserve to be taken just as seriously as any drama, thriller, or what have you. […]

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