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When it comes to most schlocky action films, you know exactly what you’re going to get: a whole lot of nothing but stupid ridiculousness. Is it going to be well made stupid ridiculousness, though? That’s the key, but not often the case. You’re obviously not going to get any thematic depth from any of […]

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Is there such thing as a completely original idea anymore? I don’t really think so. Humans have been telling stories ever since we’ve been able to speak, so it’s not a surprise that we run into some familiarities here and there. Every type of story has been […]

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It somewhat annoys me when people only watch movies because “of the stars that are in it”, because there are loads of movies with “stars” that are terrible. A good screenplay, director, and many other collaborators are what makes, or breaks, a film. That’s not to discredit actors who can elevate […]

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Handling heavy subjects, such as racial inequality, requires a certain amount of tact. You need to make your point, but you don’t want to get too overt to where you lose focus on your characters and the story at hand. Many films strive to make a great […]

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He’s baaaaaaaaaaaaack! That’s right, ladies and gentlemen. America’s sweetheart Mel Gibson is back behind the camera after a decade long hiatus and he’s better than ever. After his drunken tirade in 2006 caused his stardom to spiral downward, we all thought we had seen the end of […]

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Films that try to deal with actual real world issues are tough to handle, as your message is in danger of coming off as too blatant. Subtlety is key, especially when your themes deal with something like the aftermath of the 2008 financial crisis. Yet, if the […]

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