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Superhero and comic book films sure are such a big drag nowadays aren’t they? Sure, you get the occasional outlier like The Dark Knight or Logan that breaks the mold, but for the most part, they all feel the same. This is exactly how people felt back in 2004 during the start of the […]

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I’m gonna have to come clean here: I honestly don’t really care for Wes Anderson. I admire his creativity, his unique visual style, and deadpan humor, but often times with him, it’s just too much. It’s too dry, too deadpan, and too visually obnoxious. I love weird and bizarre […]

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One day as an innocent six-year-old, I went over to a friend’s house to hang out, like kids tend to do. My friend’s older brother thought it would be a good idea to show us the TV miniseries It, based off the Stephen King novel of the same […]

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I love films about crazy people. They provide a vessel for us to experience stories that bring us out of our comfort zone, sometimes making us root for the chaos that’s happening on screen. It also allows for actors to break out of their mold, try something […]

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One of the main criticisms levied against horror films is that they’re often devoid of any sort of characterization, story, or thematic depth. Sure, the main intent is to scare you and if a horror film does so, it technically succeeds, but where’s the fun if there’s […]

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It’s always nice when a child actor is able to avoid falling into hard times and hard drugs and actually make a name for themselves as an adult. It’s even better when you think that actor is going to be known for his most famous role for […]

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