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“Remake” is the kind of word that just puts a bad taste in your mouth, making you want to spit. What’s the point of telling the same story that’s already been told, right? Well, I agree, but humans have been telling pretty much the same dozen or […]

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Queen is one of my favorite bands that I don’t really know all that much about. I’ve never listened to a full album, nor really did a lot of research on them. I just listen to a lot of classic rock radio and whenever they come on, […]

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Everybody loves a good film. Well, what they consider good is completely subjective, but I think it’s safe to say that everyone enjoys a well told tale. Funny how when you add dancing, singing, and extravagant musical numbers, people then tend to lose interest. I get it. […]

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Oh, Walt Disney Studios. You’re just the machine that keeps on giving… and growing. Going strong for nearly a century now, you’ve shaped the childhoods of multiple generations over countless features, shorts, shows, books, video games, board games, toys, blankets, and every other bit of merchandising imaginable. […]

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