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With filmmaking being around for over a century, it’s difficult to find new ways to innovate. There’s not really much else that can be done. We have audio, color, computer generated effects, and digitally recreated humans to show the progress since the 1880’s. As time goes on and technology […]

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Whenever a movie comes out that a lot of people describe as “non-stop action”, they’re usually exaggerating. There’s certainly some action throughout, but it rarely ever meets the definition of “non-stop”, as the pace is usually broken up by dialogue and plot developments. The dialogue and plot […]

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I’m not really a big fan of his, but there’s certainly no debate that Kevin Hart is an absolute megastar. Not only is he currently one of the most popular standup comedians around, but he’s crafted quite an impressive film and television career too. Now, he’s gone onto […]

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Novel adaptations are obviously no new trend, but how about a novel adaptation that’s principally focused on somebody reading an entire novel? Well, now we’re breaking new ground here, folks! Art gallery owner Susan Morrow (Amy Adams) lives a depressing, vapid life with a crumbling marriage, dwindling […]

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