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As a character from the best animated show of all time, BoJack Horseman, once said, “You paid $50,000 to a bunch of kindergartners for the movie rights to the name Tag!” If there’s one thing nobody in the world ever thought would get a movie “adaptation”, it’s of the game tag. The most surprising thing […]

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If there’s one emotion a lot of people don’t like to feel while watching a movie, or just in general, it’s feeling uncomfortable. Nobody wants to feel that way. We watch movies to escape and make us feel good, right? Well, some do. I love a feel-good movie as […]

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Raiders of the Lost Ark is one of my favorite films of all time. It may actually be my favorite film overall, but sometimes it’s hard to pick. It’s just a 100% pitch perfect action adventure film, though. It’s exciting, tense, brutal, dramatic, and overall, just plain fun. […]

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Characterization is a tricky thing, because it’s not just about how well the character is written, but also about how well that character is portrayed. When you have humanized, perfectly developed characters, you need the right actors to bring them to life. Not somebody who simply matches their physical […]

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Whenever a new film in the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) comes out and a director with a distinct voice and style is attached, people always hype it up that this one is “finally going to be different”. Here we have a new Thor film, with New Zealander Taika Waititi, a comedy director known for his witty and highly absurd humor, […]

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Here we go again, folks. Another Michael Bay Transformers film has come crashing back onto the big screen. “But Hunter, you hate these movies. Why do you continue to watch them?” Well, I do hate these movies. I never even saw the previous film with the dinosaur […]

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